Founding Partners Program(FPP)

The Charter Partners Founding Program has run their successful captive for 20 years and includes contractors in varied industrial enterprises including Transportation, Road Services, Sweeping, Mechanical, & Manufacturing. FPP is lead by a tight knit group of well respected entrepreneurs in their industry & include mid sized, independent family & generational businesses.  FPP has developed common risk control practices and utilizes monthly learning seminars in order to oversee captive financials.

Aggregate Captive Premium est.  ≈ $3,000,000

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DATE FOUNDED : July 2000

INDUSTRIES: Transportation, Road Services, Sweeping, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Oil & Propane.

TYPE OF CAPTIVE : Heterogenous 



Exclusive Member Representative

Todd Welch, Member Services Representative, Charter Partners



(484) 460-1574


Allied Concrete, Modesto Ca

"We currently operate 19 mixer trucks, with the oldest truck being 5 years old.  We maintain a newer fleet as part of our commitment to offer dependable service.  This helps prevent unexpected breakdowns which can be costly for everyone.  Safety is our greatest concern.  We have made a commitment to put every employee through an extensive training program to ensure the safe operation of all our equipment."

C&L Sweeping, Northern NJ

"C&L Services is celebrating over 40 years and three generations of great customer relationships. As a result, C&L has become the industry leader in outstanding award-winning service and customer satisfaction for property maintenance, street sweeping and pavement maintenance services."

Cannon Pacific, Southern Ca

"As rapid, expansive development in Southern California stimulated the economy and improved quality of life, it also threatened the quality of our local air and water resources. Pacific Sweeping is proud to provide Best Management Practices to all our customers, working together to comply with environmental regulations and preserve the integrity of our local rivers, lakes, streams, bays and oceans."

Guidemark Inc, Souderton, PA

"At Guidemark, our mission is to provide superior pavement marking services to our customers and the safest possible work environment for our employees. Our experienced colleagues utilize well-maintained equipment to complete work on our customers’ schedules. Along with the use of traditional pavement marking equipment, ongoing research and development of innovative equipment and technologies improves both safety and efficiency, providing the customer with state-of-the-art pavement marking performance."

Harmony Sand & Gravel, Belvidere, NJ

"Harmony Sand & Gravel maintains a number of modern delivery trucks adequate to meet the core needs of our customers and in addition we have a number of contracted haulers to in sure that prompt deliveries can be made. Customer service is the foundation that our business is built on. Customer cooperation in getting their orders in early is greatly appreciated and goes along way toward insuring that delivery is made in a timely fashion. All delivery trucks are equipped with small door in the center of the tailgate and are capable of making delivery direct to your conveyor for special applications such as roofing stone."

Jagtrux, Marietta, PA

"Jagtrux has been a Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association member for more than 20 years. Jim is actively involved in issues affecting the truck industry including legislation and safety. We are also active members of National Association of Small Trucking Companies, American Trucking Association and Transportation Intermediaries Association. Jagtrux was also one of the founding and is a current member of the Keystone Transportation Alliance."

Wilson of Wallingford, Southeast PA

"Wilson Oil & Propane is a full-service, family-owned home comfort company that has been serving the residents of southeastern Pennsylvania since 1926. We deliver real value for your fuel dollar by helping you use less fuel with energy-efficient products and home performance evaluations. All of the technicians that work for Wilson are certified heating and cooling experts, trained to diagnose and fix virtually any home comfort system problem. We install and service a wide range of products, including boilers, furnaces, duct sealing, generators and air conditioning systems."