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Captive Insurance Groups


The UTA is a select group of dedicated towing professionals  who share insurance costs, commit to promoting....

Founded May 22, 2020

+10 Members


LSA started in 1994 and provides superior risk management, and  share deep industry insighs to achieve stability...

Founded :  2005

+5  Members


CGC is a group of contractors who shares risk to achieve stability, safety, and profitability and enhance their industry.

Founded 1994

+5 Members

Pending Members


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We want to join because of the potential for stability in our insurance prices


What is Captive Insurance?

"Captive Insurance" is the legal structure and colloquial term for a group of businesses who choose to insure themselves rather than go through a third party.

How do captives work?

A select few busineses or groups of businesses create a licensed insurance company to insure themselves. Captives provide incredible flexibility to insure different types of businesses. These companies can be grouped by industry, common interest, or commitment to safety and excellence.

Why is it better? Hint: you get to pick who you're insured with.

By creating their own insurance company, captive members can reduce their costs, insure difficult risks, and evaluate the risks of their peer members more precisely. More importantly, captive groups can vote on, communicate with, and evaluate new members, leading to opportunites to share risk intelligently and carefully.This leads to a more accurate risk assestment over time.

How does it improve and stabilize my insurance costs?

Perhaps the biggest value that a captive(premium membership club) provides is the opportunity to share safety knowledge, create relationships, and make improvements with peer business leaders. These so called "soft skills" can create immeasurable value to an organization mitigating costly accidents, empowering new ideas, and elevating workplace processes.

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With captive insurance you are FREE to choose your member partners, collaborate on your premiums, and share safety information, best practices, and ideas between member companies.


Cover everything.

Premium membership clubs allow their networks the chance to customize insurance coverages that are specifically tailored to your needs. This helps to get rid of excess policies and unnecessary costs while allowing previously "difficult risks" the opportunity to create stable insurance costs.